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Mona Imran Eid Ul Fitr Pret Dresses Collection 2017

Mona Imran Eid Ul Fitr Pret Dresses are luxury style modern day dresses for the woman who likes to wear stylish dresses with a modern touch on festive occasions.

Mona Imran is first to introduce first Eid ul Fitr collection because there is still some time left for the Eid.A woman likes to shop for Eid in different styles there is not only one dress and there will be plenty of designs available for you.

We all know everyone will be picking traditional dresses because of the festive occasion but there are some people who like to wear modern dresses.Girls can experiment with different day looks from traditional to modern all three Eid days require different types of styling you can try these outfits in one of those.

But before Eid there will be Ramadan Aftaar parties which are also considered as an event when you are gathered with your family and friends.

Mona Imran is considered as the modern dress designer she is unknown to most of you because her collections are rarely launched but whenever she launches something it’s with style and class like you will see in this collection.

Mona Imran Eid Ul Fitr Pret Dresses

This collection is considered as the semi-formal collection with black and other combinations of colors are equipped with luxury embroidery that is in different shades and prints.A Very minimum amount of work has been showing on the front side of the shirts and dress.

Because designer wanted to make this collection simple stylish and sleek which will be loved by young girls but only to some of them.Because there is a mindset of wearing only traditional dresses on festive occasions but still there are some girls who will like to experiment with this change by wearing modern day dresses.

Some designs are bold and may not be suitable to some of you but if you are willing to show off your style like a stylish diva in bold dresses then Mona Imran Eid Ul Fitr Pret Dresses are for you which are now available online also you can visit Mona Imran facebook page.

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