Maria B Mbroidered Eid Collection Silk Lawn Chiffon Dresses

Maria B Mbroidered Eid Collection were launched recently for Eid Ul Fitr and it contains dresses in lawn, silk and chiffon giving you the variety to choose your favorite fabric.

Maria B is one of the most selling brands in Pakistan and Mbroidered is one of their formal collections which is launched near the Eid days every year.

This year there are more exciting designs in Mbroidered collection by providing simple sleek design shalwar kameez dresses in different patterns that will take your breath away.

Mbroidered collections are always launched in two categories of semi-formal and formal dresses this collection is about the semi-formal dress designs.Maria B have utilized three different types of fabrics that are worn during the hot summer days in Pakistan i-e Lawn, Chiffon and Silk.

Maria B Mbroidered Eid CollectionMaria B Mbroidered Eid Collection Silk Lawn Chiffon Dresses

Maria B Eid Collection is a combination of high quality different summer fabrics with modern and traditional designs for everyday and event wearing.

Every Pakistani girl is ready to enjoy the festive season of Ramadan and Eid by wearing beautiful classic traditional dresses launched in Maria B Mbroidered Eid Collection.

Eid is celebrated for three days and you must have started shopping for different events and days of Eid.Maria B Mbroidered Eid Collection contains different types of dresses which you can choose based on your choice.These dresses have light and dark color patterns combining the elements which makes a dress luxury.

Each dress of this Eid Ul Fitr Collection is pure class and designed with great care for the woman of all age groups.

Maria B will be launching back-to-back Eid Collections this is just the start you will be seeing more Eid Collections on Fashionvilas during the last week of Ramadan.

As we are moving towards the ending days of Ramadan every brand is launching their Eid collections you must visit brands pages too because there are more collections than the usual signature collections.

Enjoy the images of Maria B Mbroidered Eid Collection and decide which dress suits best on your personality and style.

Maria B Mbroidered Eid Collection Silk Lawn Chiffon Dresses

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