LSM Fabrics Winter Shawl Collection 2015-16

LSM fabrics winter shawl collection is in 3 piece forms specially designed for this winter season you can wear these in the upcoming foggy days check all the dresses presented in image gallery.

As winter is going to its top now all of the brands are launching their shawl collections shawls are used instead of duppata in winter season.It has more colorful prints and its more in length as compared to duppata.

Most of the women in Pakistan travel in this season for job or for wedding events distance can be long so cold can affect your body with your sweaters you have to carry shawl to save your neck from cold breeze.Shawl is made from warm thick fabrics that helps to protect the body from cold breeze.

purple dress with shawl

This collection has mainly made with such ideas that each age workforce of lady can also be worn these attire in this iciness season, that’s why all clothes of this assortment has superbly melded in more than a few mixtures of sunny and darkish colors of Orange, Off White, Cream, pink, Lemon, grey, crimson, Sea Blue, Zinc, Maroon, Black, Ash gray, Sea inexperienced, espresso and red.

All clothes of this assortment has crafted in startling patterns of nature prints,doted embroidery and bricks prints, you’ll find circular form and v form necklines enriched with striking buttons and styles, bottom of those shirts has extra designed with eye-catching flowery laces, some trousers of this assortment has also printed within the matching patterns of shirts and shawls, whilst some trousers of this assortment are dyed.

winter casual shawl dress

LSM fabrics always launches dresses according to the trend and season as this is the winter season so you will see designs and prints according to this season.Previously they have launched their winter collection which was without shawl this time they have launched LSM Fabrics Winter Shawl Collection specific with shawls see every dress and look what designs you can try.