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Khaadi Youth Splash Pret Summer Casual Collection 2017

Khaadi Youth Splash Pret collection is based on modern summer dresses that can be worn in daily routine these dresses are designed for teens and young girls.

Khaadi is one of the biggest brands in Pakistan having collections ranging from casual, semi-formal and formal designs in both unstitched and stitched forms available in western and traditional styles.

Most of their work is based on traditional designs but they are now focusing on modern dresses also because teens prefer modern dresses that’s why Khaadi wants to target those customers who like to wear trendy modern western style dresses.

Khaadi Youth Splash Pret Dresses

As you can guess from the name Youth Splash that this is a teen-dominated collection dress designs are casual and perfect for your daily routine whether you are at your home or while going to school, college.

Colors are light which brand always uses in their collections during the summer time.They were more known as a kurti and shalwar kameez brand because during the summer time they have launched a lot of collections in recent years.

But this year we are seeing a change there aren’t many shalwar kameez collections launched till now and we are seeing another side of the brand also that is western style dresses.

They have launched western modern dresses before but this year they are more serious into it and launched different stylish dresses which will be launched in volume 2 later this season.

The brand has taken their youth collection to the new level these are more western oriented teen outfits than their previous collections.Because before this collection, their westerns designs were common jeans and tops but this collection have more versatility and approach is more towards the western American teens.

These outfits are made from soft comfy fabrics which are perfect for hot summer days.Teens will be having summer vacations which they will enjoy with friends and family or by visiting some places.

If you are looking for stylish comfortable outfits that are in modern designs than Khaadi Youth Splash Pret collection is for you have a look at all the designs from the gallery and order online from Khaadi official web.

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