Jahanara Summer Formal Lawn Shalwar Kameez 2017

Jahanara Summer Formal Lawn is another addition to luxury type shalwar kameez dresses that are launched for this summer season we have got some exciting designs that you must see.

From past few weeks, we are constantly adding lawn designs that are launched by different brands some of them are popular and known by all of you but some of the brands are new that need exposure they are not in bad quality they have the same type of quality its just they are not marketed well.

For instance, if you take the example of Gul Ahmed you can see their adverts everywhere from television to print media and internet websites Gul Ahmed collections will be advertised in many ways.But for a new brand like Jahanra you won’t find any info because the lack of marketing.

So today we are going to show you another formal luxury lawn collection that is launched by Jahanra and have some trendy outfits that are waiting to be worn by you.

Jahanara Summer Formal LawnJahanara Summer Formal Lawn Shalwar Kameez 2017

This formal lawn collection is available in 3 pcs designs some designs are similar to other notable brands but there is a difference in price most of the designs are extracted from french flowers.Designer team has converted those designs into Pakistani traditional embroidery which you will love to wear during the special occasions of the summer.

Because summer will be extremely hot during the festive season days designers are using lawn more than any other fabric that’s why all our posts from last month are filled with lawn shalwar kameez.The brand has used the best quality fabrics available and converted their designs into reality by showing you beautiful artwork.

The designer has combined contemporary artwork with some traditional designs that will make you chic during the hot summer days with light and colorful printed scheme.If you want to buy these dresses then go straight to Jahanra website and put your order online.

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