Gul Ahmed Mothers Lawn Dresses For Summer 2017

Gul Ahmed Mothers Lawn Dresses are for women of older age same type of printed work and designs are available in different sizes too let’s check out the designs that are launched under this collection.

Gul Ahmed is rocking this season with beautiful summer lawn shalwar kameez for the women but this time they have launched another summer lawn dedicated to the mothers and older aged women.Other summer lawns are also can be worn by women of older age but this one is especially dedicated to the mothers.

These are casual and simple prints that older aged women will love to wear in their everyday routine sometimes you are not in a mood to wear colorful prints some women prefer simple prints that are where Gul Ahmed have launched this Mothers lawn collection.

Gul Ahmed Mothers Lawn DressesGul Ahmed Mothers Lawn Dresses For Summer 2017

This collection is based on classic prints that are worn in everyday routine and can be worn anywhere you like simplicity shows more beauty and that is where Gul Ahmed have done the perfect job.Their other collections are also available in simple prints that you will enjoy wearing them.

This lawn collection is also based on 3 pcs format you will get lawn shirt shalwar and duppata in silk or chiffon with this collection Gul Ahmed has launched simple shalwars not the trousers.Because trousers are considered as the younger girls dress and shalwars are for all ages.

Just like colors which are simple and light printed work is also simple and classic that shows the style of the classic women these types of designs have been launched by Gul Ahmed in the past.They are the only brand that launched Mothers collection.

You can gift these dresses to your mothers and make them happy all dresses are available at Gul Ahmed outlets in major cities of Pakistan so let’s seeĀ Gul Ahmed Mothers Lawn Dresses from the following image gallery.

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