Excelencia Eid Festive Collection By Firdous Cloth Mills 2016

Excelencia Eid Festive Collection are 3 pcs embroidered dresses with vibrant and bright colors that will make you chic during the whole festive season.

The most colorful collection of this festive season have been launched from the Fridous fashion house with vibrant colorful bold prints and designs.This is one of the best work done by Firdous brand before that they have not launched such type of collection which had colorful prints and thread embroidery.

Because of the festive season every brand is producing something special they want to show their best work in terms of designs and patterns. Firdous textiles is the common household clothing name because their dresses are in high quality with lower price tags every women likes to wear their dresses because of trendy patterns.

Excelencia Eid Festive Collection By Firdous Cloth Mills 2016

They have all kind of collections available for this summer casual/formal and festive wear out of all of them this Excelencia Eid Festive Collection is best because of its design quality and art work applied on the dresses. Firdous brand have launched 10 different types of rich embroidered three piece dresses.

Sleeveless and full sleeve shirts are further embellished with great embroidery and luxury elements work that you will love to have on you during the complete festive season.Neckline area of the shirts also have some patterns that are eye catchy and attractive.

Heavy neckline embellished area button looped trousers with ankle whole patterns of designs are making this collection further more fancier and trendy.This time brand have more focused on appealing colors and embroidery that will take anyone’s attention.

Excelencia Edi Festive Collection

These dresses will give you elegance and leisure during the parties and family gatherings of Eid ul Fitr and Ramadan these dresses are specially designed for hot season that’s why crafted in lawn fabrics.Make sure to browse¬†Excelencia Eid Festive Collection complete gallery below and check out all the designs launched.

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