Bonanza Satrangi Eid Ul Azha Collection 2016-17

Bonanza Satrangi Eid Ul Azha dresses are simply beautiful and classic this time Bonanza have introduced the new type of printed patterns that will grab everyone’s attention.

Festive seasons are always enjoyed by everyone people go out with friends and family and enjoy their leisure time the main point about festive season is stylish dresses which are always in traditional forms.Some brands will launch western style dresses but main attention is always grabbed by traditional dresses.

Bonanza started with western style clothing their winter clothing is famous in Pakistan from many years from some years they are now launching traditional dresses too.Recently for Eid, they have launched the beautiful collection that has all the prints and designs you need to wear during the festive time of the year.

Bonanza Satrangi Eid Ul Azha DressesBonanza Satrangi Eid Ul Azha Collection 2016-17 5

Bonanza is one of those brands which will launch so many collections for a season their first new season dresses are related to Eid Ul Azha.Dress types include 2 pcs and 3 pcs which have embroidered and printed patterns you can buy dresses according to your choice and fashion taste.

They have some signature embroidered designs and printed patterns which are famous among the younger girls they have used the same type of patterns but with new innovation ideas.Dress designs are for every age group so you will definitely find something of your choice.

These designs are not much fancy and luxurious like you want to wear in night events but these dresses are perfect for the day events.You can wear these at night time with some fancy accessories to make your look perfect for the Eid night events.Bonanza Satrangi Eid Ul Azha Collection 2016-17

Color choices are light but some darker embroidery is included to make these dresses perfect for the autumn and festive season.Bonanza Satrangi Eid Ul Azha Collection is shown in the following gallery check the complete catalog on Bonanza website.

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