Asim Jofa Summer Tunics Luxury Collection 2016

Asim Jofa Summer Tunics Luxury Collection is for special events of summer like weddings or dinner parties check the new designs of tunics by Asim Jofa.

After the success of winter collections that were launched month back Asim Jofa is back with his summer collection again he has designed luxury outfits for the women of Pakistan.But this time its the tunics/kurtis that is the trend of spring and summer season if you have seen his winter collections.

Then you must know what designer is capable of the same type of prints that he has used on the dresses are now converted to tunics.With some new design and art work that you will love to wear any of them.These are luxury but cheaper in price then the winter collections you have seen.

Asim Jofa Summer Tunics Luxury Collection

Price is lesser because its just the tunics and in those collections you were getting the complete dress that you can wear.In tunics collection no matter by which brand you see keep in mind you will only getting shirts other dress forms shown are for image purposes.

The best thing about tunics is these can be worn with almost any type of jeans,tights,trouser what ever you prefer just keep the color contrast.Summer will be the time of hot season so for that you should wear light weight clothing such as this collection.

All the shirts are very light and easy to wear with beautiful designs and embroidery around.Asim Jofa prints are always up to the mark you will see printed work on bottom area of the shirt on front and back side with same design.

Asim Jofa Summer Tunics Luxury Collection

The border line area is with different color the colors of spring are used like pink,green,yellow and combination of these with other prints.All the colors are suitable for young girls if you are teen girl and want to wear something for your college parties then thisĀ Asim Jofa Summer Tunics Luxury Collection is for you.