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Bonanza Mid Summer Casual Lawn Dresses 2016

Bonanza Mid Summer Casual Lawn Dresses are very trendy and perfect for this season casual and daily routine check out all the designs and see what Bonanza have in stores for you.

Bonanza is one of the Pakistan’s leading winter clothing brand which is working in the industry from many years but from past few years they have been designing casual lawn for the women of Pakistan for summer and autumn season.

They have their separate traditional clothing brand which is dedicated towards women clothing they have launched several collections this year some were for the festive season and some were seasonal clothing.

Bonanza Mid Summer Casual LawnBonanza Mid Summer Casual Lawn Dresses 2016 14

Mid summer in Pakistani fashion is refereed to  summer end and autumn season clothing just like every other brand Bonanza have launched their 3 pcs shalwar kameez dresses for this season which are trendy and comfortable to wear during the mid hot season days.

These dresses are also perfect for the humid conditions when there will be rain around in these days it will will cause humid conditions in southern parts of Pakistan.So for this season lawn is also the perfect fabric that can be worn anywhere.

These designs may not look like for some event wearing but you can always wear them during the day events when you have to go out whether on job or college/university.Bonanza Mid Summer Causal Lawn

As you can expect this collection is also known as Satrangi which is the name of Bonanza summer lawn dresses these dresses have embroidered prints and patterns which will make your dressing style more classy.

These dresses have some beautiful prints on the front side which makes them stand out in the casual dresses category launched recently.Bonanza is also one of the top brands in the market for shalwar kameez production their Bonanza Mid Summer Casual Lawn Dresses are worth buying because of designs.

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