Zohra Alam Eid Formal Dresses In Modern Styles 2017

Zohra Alam Eid Formal Dresses is another mix of modern designs with traditional patterns and artwork these dresses will make your Eid dressing more classy and glamorous.

Zohra Alam is a new designer brand just launched in 2012 and got fame because of her luxury colorful styles which woman loves to wear on parties and festive occasions.According to Zohra fashion is a powerful force of self-expression.

Zohra Alam dresses are based on modern cuts that are combined with antique and classic prints of vintage Pakistani fashion art.Her new collections are based on modern designs which include some vintage style Pakistani clothing pieces that are presented in new forms.

Zohra Alam Eid Formal DressesZohra Alam Eid Formal Dresses In Modern Styles 2017

This season there are lots of exciting collections launched to make your Eid dressing special and classy most of them are with modern designs.Ramadan will be starting in just some days you must have already started shopping for Eid and Ramadan if you are looking for modern designs then today our post will ease your shopping problems.

Woman are often confused while going to shopping because there are lots of Eid collections in different designs and you must be wondering what should you buy.

First, you need to clear your mind about shopping designs, what type of design you prefer if modern design form is your preference then Zohra Alam Eid Formal Dresses are for you.

There are other modern dresses available from other big brands they are also well deserved to be in your closet.But because Zohra Ahmed is new and has unique sleek designs you should give a shot to her dresses.

Zohra Alam Eid Formal Dresses include:

  • Fancy kurti tops
  • Flared trousers
  • Short trousers with different designs
  • Bell bottom trousers
  • A line type long shirts

Zohra Alam Eid Formal Dresses have vivid color schemes like lemon, yellow, light blue, light red, sea green, and light pink and other combos that are easy to wear in summer.

Colors effect a lot on comfortableness of clothing pieces you can’t wear dark red in sunlight it will make you feel more hot and uncomfortable.That’s why designer Zohra Alam has used light colors with soft pastel shades in her Eid collection.

Hand embroidery work with pearl and other beads are making this collection more special and must buy for the formal parties.Fabrics are soft because Zohra Alam Eid Formal Dresses are launching in the extreme summer season and there are still months left for this type of hot temperature.

If you want to contact the brand then send your queries through Zohra Alam Facebook page.Enjoy seeing these dresses if you want to look more then take a look at Maria B Mbroidered Unstitched Eid Collection and Anaya Eid Luxury Lawn.