Zainab Chottani Silk Dresses Winter Collection 2016-17

Zainab Chottani Silk Dresses are launched in collaboration with LSM textiles for this winter season check out all the new designs that you can wear on special occasions. 

Zainab Chottani is famous for her bridal and evening wear dresses with the mix of modern and traditional designs for both bridal and other types of special occasions.This time the designer is collaborating with one of the biggest textile industry in Pakistan Lakhany Silk Mills.

LSM dresses are in low prices because most collections are casual wears but every often they collaborate with some famous designers to produce something different.

Zainab Chottani Silk Dresses zainab-chottani-silk-dresses-winter-collection-2016-17-9

Silk dresses are worn in winter season especially on social gatherings or parties because of fabric nature designers can design it in various ways that look elegant and stylish.Dresses are inspired by traditional art and design work with the combination of modern designs.

Beautifully printed patterns can be seen on every dress because every dress is different you have choices open to choose whatever you like.If you notice on shirts you will see every shirt have different patterns and cutting which makes them unique in its own characteristics.

Trousers of every dress are also different you can see the image gallery and see some are flared trousers some are tights and some are shalwar types.Zainab Chottani has always produced luxury designs this collection does not include that type of luxury designs that you can associate with Zainab Chottani. zainab-chottani-silk-dresses-winter-collection-2016-17-6

Because it’s a collaboration you will see ideas of LSM into this one too that’s why designs will look similar to LSM collections but with the luxury touch.Dresses are around 9,500 rupees prices may vary dress wise so you have to visit the stores of LSM fabrics or log onto their website to buy Zainab Chottani Silk Dresses.

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