Winter Velvet Dresses Shalwar Kameez By Eshaeman 2017

Winter Velvet Dresses Shalwar Kameez are traditional dresses mostly designed for women during the winter season it may either be completely in velvet or some parts will be in velvet.

Eshaeman brand recently launched velvet dresses range for the women for casual and formal wearing during this cold season.Esheman is one of those brands which are still new and didn’t get much exposure as compared to other big brands in the market.

All dresses of this collection are available in 3 pcs traditional style with beautiful embroidered and patchwork that is mostly seen during the winter season.

Trend Of Winter Velvet Dresses Shalwar Kameez

When winter season starts brands start launching their velvet collections some design complete dress in velvet some provide some clothing accessories like shawls, dupattas and kameez.Some have patchy work of velvet fabric on other fabrics mixed with beautiful embroidery of traditional Pakistani art.

Velvet dress is heavier than other fabrics that are why complete velvet dress is worn only on special occasions but some brands like Eshaeman have done in their collection include light velvet or only on some parts so women can carry the dress comfortably.

Eshaeman Shalwar Kameez Colors

During the winter season, light colors are not worn that’s why the designer team behind Eshaeman have included darker shades because it’s the ongoing trend of darker embroidered prints and shades which are clearly seen in this stylish collection.

These types of dresses will be suitable for younger women you can even wear these if you are working women and like to go out in cold breeze with some traditional winter dresses.This collection is also perfect for those who are going to attend some wedding parties in the day time and don’t like to wear much fancy stuff.

Eshaeman collections are available in all big cities you can even order online by contacting the brand via Facebook so let’s check the complete designs of Winter Velvet Dresses Shalwar Kameez from the following image gallery.

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