Wijdan Chiffon Spring Collection Salam Textile 2016

Wijdan Chiffon Spring Collection was launched recently by Salam textiles to be worn on spring special events Wijdan collection is updated season wise now the brand is showing spring stylish dresses.

Salam textiles have launched Wijdaan collection some months back but it was of different fabric more of winter clothing type.But now Salam textiles have launched wijdaan chiffon spring collection which is more soft in clothing that you can wear in the spring season.

These types of dresses are worn on special occasions like parties or wedding events.You can look for more collections from Salam textiles on fashionvilas.com by typing Salam Textiles on the search bar.Designers of Salam cloth has artistically melded these clothes in cheerful colors combinations of Cream.

Wijdan Chiffon Spring Collection Salam Textile 2016

Lemon, White, pink, purple, Biscuit, coffee, Maroon, Zinc, Sea green, Sky Blue, red and Black.Salam fabric has provided fancy lehngas, frocks and three-portions luxury clothes on this assortment, all clothes of this collection has tailor-made with extraordinary and inventive silhouettes which make you classy and staggering in this wintry weather season.

This assortment has specially made to enhance your beauty in the weddings and parties of this iciness season, hanging embroideries has used to offer a flowery seem to each dress of this collection, these embroideries has embellished on the front and backside of shirts and sleeves.

Wijdaan party wear dresses

Dupattas of these clothes has additionally embellished with crystals and laces on borders.All attire of Wijdan Chiffon Spring Collection are crafted in attention-grabbing floral and botanic patterns, these patterns has crafted on shirts and dupattas of this assortment.

You are going to see each dyed and printed trousers in Wijdan Chiffon Spring Collection by means of Salam textile.Salam textile has provided three piece types fancy spring weather clothes on this collection, these dresses has made in the secure fabric of Chiffon, ladies prefer to wear this fancy material to appear stylish in the celebrations.

Check all the designs in Wijdan Chiffon Spring Collection pix gallery and look at the new designs by the Salam Textiles brand in the spring luxury wearing.

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