West Cost Collection Alkaram Studio Stylish Dresses 2016

West Cost Collection is the combination of western style clothing with traditional style dresses these fusion dresses are by Alkaram studio check out all the dresses below.

Alkaram have launched another stylish collection for the spring and summer season and this time its the fusion of western and eastern clothing for women.These can be worn casually or formally with colors like pink,brown,blue and white you can wear these all over the summer.

Fancy designs are included for young girls because they like to wear different stylish clothing in summer.Alkaram is a complete brand which design clothing for kids,men and women for every festive occasion and season.

West Cost Collection

On fashionvilas.com you must have seen all the previous collections launched by Alkaram studio if not take a look at some of them by typing Alkaram in the search box.They have designed almost every type of clothing traditional and western modern with both stitch and unstitch forms women also feels comfortable in their dresses.

Because they have used fabrics according to the season as this is the summer collection so soft and comfortable fabrics are used which are liked by women.These are not embroidered dresses like other brands have launched these are just simple and fancy prints which you will love to have on you in the summer.

You should never wear heavy fabric clothing in summer some women tries to wear them on weddings if its in summer but that will make them uncomfortable.Always wear light fabrics like most of the brands produce in the summer Alkaram have used soft fabrics in this collection.

West Cost Collection Alkaram Studio Stylish Dresses 2016

You will find some retro modern designs shirts of this collection are more like kurtis and pants are more like tights that’s why we said this is the fusion of western and eastern clothing.Wear these throughout the summer and be stylish check out all the designs of West Cost Collection from the gallery shown.

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