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Warda Summer Lawn Queen of Hearts Collection 2018

Warda Summer Lawn Queen of Hearts Collection is for casual and formal wearing new pattern of designs have been introduced to make summer dressing special for the woman.

“Warda” lawn has been launching for some years now and every year they bring something new in pattern and quality.Designs from Warda designer are always special because they produce casual collections that can be worn formally or on different events.

Summer lawn is famous in Pakistan and among the Pakistani’s living abroad because every brand aims to produce something special in terms of colors and designs.Those days are gone when “lawn” was considered as the fabric of middle class.

Now “lawn” is available in luxury and formal designs with colorful patterns that will make you feel special.

Warda Summer Lawn Queen of Hearts CollectionWarda Summer Lawn Queen of Hearts Collection 2018

This collection may not be in luxury designs but it has all the vibrant and eye catchy patterns that will grab the attention of others.As summer is considered the season of colors that’s why designers behind Warda Summer Lawn Queen of Hearts Collection have introduced different color palettes and patterns that will take your style statement to next level.

This year “Warda” have introduced lawn in a different way they have designed modern casual and semi-formal dresses for young girls in lawn fabrics.So Warda Summer Lawn Queen of Hearts Collection is not only a shalwar kameez collection you can consider it a collection of multi-design and modern dresses.

Exotic colors and modern designs are one of the key points of Warda Summer Lawn Queen of Hearts Collection which is now available nationwide and selected destinations outside Pakistan.

There are so many designs available for young girls who like to wear different types of modern shalwar kameez dresses in their daily routine.

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If you have to go to some occasion like a social event or college party or on the job these designs are perfect for all occasions you just need to wear extra accessories according to the event where you will be going.

Warda Summer Lawn Queen of Hearts Collection 2018


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