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Unbeatable Spring Formal Wear Shehla Rehman Collection 2016

Unbeatable Spring Formal Wear are the sleeveless shalwar kameez dresses that women can wear casually and formally all the dresses are in beautiful embroidery and printed work check them below.

Unbeatable Spring Formal Wear collection have beautiful embroidered dresses for the spring season special events wearing.Winter will be ending soon now spring will start some weddings and other formal events happening in this season for that women should wear clothing according to the season.

You must have seen lots of formal wear traditional dresses on but we are showing Shehla Rehman collection for the first time.You will love the embroidery work inĀ Unbeatable Spring Formal Wear that is around neckline and bottom area.

Formal wear spring dress

Excellent tilla work with motifz have been done with the embroidery that you can see around the neckline area.Which is designed different from the other embroideries around the kameez.This is the 3 piece type formal wear you will get sleeveless kameez because its for spring season a chiffon duppata and trouser/tights or cigarette pants.

These dresses are not much warm and not much cooler specially designed for the mid season that is spring.This Unbeatable Spring Formal Wear collection is for the young girls because these kind of designs are suitable on young women.

Spring shalwar kameez

You can wear these on wedding parties,college parties or family get to gathers.The length of the trousers and kameez are short different from other formal wears where every brand tends to offer floor length dresses.The colors of Unbeatable Spring Formal Wear are according to the trend of spring season you will see dark colors combined with the light ones.

Like pink,sea green and other with dark one’s with different colored embroidery on all part of the dress.Shehla Rehman have done a great job in designing these Unbeatable Spring Formal Wear all the designs are excellent to wear on this season special events.

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Unbeatable Spring Formal Wear Pix Gallery


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