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Traditional Chiffon Coat With Shirt Spring Wear Heritage 2016

Chiffon Coat With Shirt Spring Wear is the single dress launched by Heritage brand this dress is available on Labelestore web see different kind of dress for spring.

Heritage brand launched single dress known as Chiffon coat with shirt spring wear this is not a complete collection of clothing line just one dress of this kind available to buy.Other form of dresses are different in design and kinds of fabrics used on them.

This dress is mixture of modern and traditional clothing a chiffon coat is with shirt and cigarette pants.These kinds of pants are traditional tights and trouser type pants which is the new form of shalwars that is being used by designers in most of the dresses now.

Chiffon is the mild cold fabric you can wear it in cold and some warm days too.Only till the spring season this is the mid of winter and after that spring will be for some months there will be lots of events for you to attend.

Traditional Chiffon Coat With Shirt Spring Wear Heritage 2016

On every event that will be in day you can wear this chiffon coat with shirt spring wear dress with any type of shoe you like.Canaray yellow color is used for the coat and blue for the shirt the pant have different colors with some printed work.

Cigarette pants is knee up high best to wear with high heels the designs are beautifully crafted on the knee up area with border lines.

The chiffon coat is also with different printed work that is according to wear in the spring time.This is the first time fashionvilas showing you Heritage brand collection we will be sharing more of this brand stuff on our next posts.

This dress is ideal for young girls specially teens who likes to try different color combos dresses even in casual routines.

The price range of Chiffon Coat With Shirt Spring Wear is 28,000 rupees you can buy it from labelestore lets check the images of this dress.

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Chiffon Coat With Shirt Spring Wear Dress


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