Three Piece Winter Orient Collection 2015-16

Three piece winter orient collection is shalwar kameez dresses for the winter season by Orient textiles with two types of different fabrics used on these dresses see them below.

The images you will see at the end will contain two types of dresses one is of marina fabric and other of silk velvet.These are two collections which are launched by Orient textiles for this winter season because its getting too cold now.

So marina and silk fabrics are used to fabricate these dresses in beautiful patterns of embroidery work that you will love these are not much expensive.The price may vary on each dress that depends on fabric too some fabrics are quite expensive and some are not.

Orient textile winter dress

The embroidered and printed patterns are all done with hard work of the designer that every young girl likes to have on herself.The length of the shirts are around the knee area so you can wear these on any type of event or even while going for work use shawl with these to make the perfect winter traditional look.

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This assortment has crafted in various charming and attractive prints of botanic, doted, circles and floral patterns, these clothes are just right to use as semi-formal and formal wear in this winter season.

Orient winter dress

All attire of this collection has been embellished with motifs and embroideries on the entrance part and cuffs of shirts.This collection includes three-pieces winter dresses, all dresses on this assortment has crafted in the warm and smooth materials of Marina and Silk Velvet.

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Ahirts and trousers of this assortment has crafted in Marina material, even as the Dupattas of these clothes has made with Silk Velvet.This assortment has crafted with outstanding patterns of quite a lot of flowery, botanic and summary prints.

To make this assortment extra putting, shirts of this assortment has embellished with gentle embroideries and motifs around the neckline area the price of these dresses is under 7,000 rupees Marina fabric dresses is around 3,500 rupees and Silk fabric will be 6,700 rupees now see Three Piece Winter Orient Collection pix and decide which one you are going to buy.

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