Summer French Chiffon Collection Needlez 2016

Summer French Chiffon Collection are semi formal dresses for this summer season launched by one of the most trendiest clothing brand Needlez check out the designs.

Needlez by Shalimar have launched beautiful semi formal 3 pcs dresses for the summer season all dresses are in different colorful designs that you have been looking to buy.You can wear these dresses as your casual wear also quality of the dresses is looking bit lower then other brands.

Sleeveless and with sleeves shirts are available with dyed trousers some modern dress forms are also included like flares and tops all the shirts are with different types of prints some are rich embroideries and some are printed designs of different art work.

Summer French Chiffon Collection

There is one dress from this collection that will definitely grab your attention that is the red embellishment dress the only dress that can be categorized for parties and events.It has the golden trouser red shirt and a jacket style west which is embellished with different items.

This summer brands are showcasing their fancy work more then the other forms because there are many festive events to enjoy during the summer time.There will be two Eid’s and Ramadan so at least you are sure that you can wear these fancy patterns in coming 3 months.

Embroidery work is done on those areas of the dress where it can be viewed more and you will look more attractive in it every piece of art shows the designer approach towards dresses.Needlez have always shown fancy type patterns we have reviewed some of their previous work.

Summer French Chiffon Collection

Don’t get confused with the brand named Needle Impressions that’s other brand you can see their collection Embroidered Dresses┬áto check how both brands are different from each other.That one is more luxury type this one is buying range of every common women.

For prices and other info related to the Needlez by Shalimer products log on to their website or visit their Facebook page to see their more collections they have launched some for this summer we will be sharing more in the coming days right now enjoy this Summer French Chiffon Collection.

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