Subhata Embroidered Spring Collection Shariq Textiles 2016

Subhata Embroidered Spring Collection is for every young girl who is looking to style her self in traditional colorful kurtis that will make them more attractive.

Subhata embroidered collection is part of Shariq Textiles clothing line that is launched in all seasons with different fabrics.We have shared previous Subhata collection which was for the winter season it was with shawl and khaddar fabric for extreme cold days.

Winter will end in some time so you must look to update your wardrobe with new set of clothing that is specific for the season.Shariq Textiles is one of the brand’s which have so many collections in one season using different fabric.

Subhata Embroidered spring collection

Subhata is a dress series that is available in every season with fabric of that season like in winter it will be in warm and heavy fabrics.In spring and summer it will be in light weight cooler fabrics that every girl can wear and adopt according to the spring season.

One difference you will see from previous collection is that it was in 3 piece forms and this is in 2 piece some of the dresses are in 3 piece.But kurtis are always in 2 style traditional piece forms these are with tights in different colors.

The kurtis are in embroidered prints that is in mid and bottom line area the cuff and sleeve area also have same kind of prints.Knee length kurtis are used in this collection making them the formal wear because long length shirts are always a party wear sign.

Subhata Embroidered Spring Collection Shariq Textiles 2016

That’s why party wear dresses are categorized as the floor length dresses.These are not completely floor length just around the knee area where a kurti should be.Colors like brown,sea green,violet and grey are used with different kind of prints on them.

You can wear these where ever you like use them as casual or formal wear with any type of jewelry accessories lets check all the designs.

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