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Spring Summer Traditional Wear BNS Collection 2016

Spring Summer Traditional Wear BNS Collection is by Bina Sultan this collection consists of Lehenga,long maxi,kurti tights and other dress forms that you wear on parties.

Beautiful embroidered collection launched by BNS which is by Bina Sultan the main mind behind the brand all the dresses are according to the latest trend.This collection is specific for young girls to wear on special events like weddings and parties.

Young girls have choice of wearing different kinds of dresses that brands offer for them BNS is doing the same.Now a days brand’s are not focusing on one type of dress you may see different varieties in one collection.That is to increase more sale because after seeing so many dress types women want’s to buy more then one dress kind.

Spring summer traditional wear

This collection can also be summed up as every dress for different occasion like the lehenga dress for weddings.Kurti tights dress for parties and other functions like of college and universities other forms of floor length dresses in Spring Summer Traditional Wear BNS Collection can be worn on any special event.

Wedding is the most suitable event for these kind of dresses.All the dresses are embellished with beautiful gem stones embroidery the silver one have silver thread work and embroidery.One maxi is with floral embroidery that you can wear in the day events of weddings.

Dress types are in both 3 piece and 2 piece forms the lehenga dress is always in 2 piece form and other dress types are in 3 piece.Soft and light fabrics are used in making of these dresses because of the hot summer season.

Spring summer traditional wear

Summer is far from the launching of this collection but as spring goes so fast that’s why brand have launched it for the summer season.If you have events to attend in the spring season then you can wear any of the floor length dress shown in┬áSpring Summer Traditional Wear BNS Collection.


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