Spring Formal Traditional Wear Ayesha Somaya Collection 2016

Spring Formal Traditional Wear dresses are frocks and kurti type dresses with tights that you can wear in coming season special occasions check the Ayesha Somaya new pret collection below.

As winter is slowly going to end spring will come soon fresh breeze of flowers will be every where there will be less cold outside.So its time now to see some of the spring season clothing that are being launched now a days by different brands.

Some of the brands are still launching winter collections but in Pakistan winter is too short it ends soon spring has some time to last long until the summer starts.Ayesha Somaya collections are based on formal traditional wear dresses for Pakistani women as these Spring Formal Traditional Wear dresses.

Lace formal dress

In winter and spring season there are more luxury dresses worn then in summer because these dresses are heavy and made from warm fabrics.In summer women can’t wear heavy and thick fabric clothing that’s why winter and spring is the party wear and wedding season in Pakistan.

In this Spring Formal Traditional Wear collection you will find different types of lace embellished frocks and kurtis with shiny metallic pastel colors on them.Embroidered lace work is done beautifully around all over the dress that is according to the new trend and loved by women of all age group.

Ayesha somaya formal wear

Some stone shimmering work are also done on parts of the dresses with floral embroidery that is suitable for wedding night events.Length of the lace kurtis are short and for frocks its around the knee area some are frock type kurtis in lace thread work.

With the matching tights under frocks and lace kurtis this Spring Formal Traditional Wear collection is the most elegant one launched for the spring special occasions.This collection is now available at Ayesha Somaya outlets nationwide look at the pix of Spring Formal Traditional Wear shown in the following gallery and see the breathtaking dresses in full size.

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Spring Formal Traditional Wear Collection Pix Gallery