Sobia Nazir Chiffon Festive Eid Collection 2017

Sobia Nazir Chiffon Festive Eid Collection is another vintage style modern day traditional dresses collection that will make your Eid styling more luxury and styling in a traditional way.

This is a season of modern dresses which are inspired by the traditional styles of Pakistani fashion.In those days styles were only considered in grara type and other dress forms but nowadays designers have more equipment and creativity to design any dress into luxury form.

Sobia Nazir is a huge brand in the formal and bridal category have been working in the industry for the year 2000 and by the time passed she have shown a lot of versatility in her clothing.Now her designs are ranging from casual to formal and bridal dress forms using luxury elements and eye catchy colors.Her latest collection for this Eid ul Fitr is in beautiful colors with embroidery that will make you feel special and glamorous.

Sobia Nazir Chiffon Festive Eid CollectionSobia Nazir Chiffon Festive Eid Collection 2017

Sobia Nazir is an intelligent designer she knows what woman wants to wear this Eid.As fashion trends are changing you will notice a difference in their year Eid dresses.This year dresses have more modern patterns and designs are vintage style which gives you an opportunity to show your style in a unique way.

Sobia Nazir Chiffon Festive Eid Collection is for everyone whether you are a young girl or an old age woman this is not those type of collections which are only designed for younger girls it has designs for the older woman too.

This latest Eid collection has plenty of attractive dresses which can be worn even after Eid on different occasions of summer including weddings.This collection is launched have launched on the perfect occasion just before the Ramadan so you can wear and try these dresses on the whole month of a festive occasion.

To make Eid a memorable event every girl likes to wear special dresses that have some fancy work on them.This season every designer have introduced their fancy designs which will make you feel comfortable and stylish.

Designing comfortable clothes for the summer are the main task of designers because by putting embellishments and using fancy fabrics makes a dress heavy and uncomfortable for hot sunny days.That’s why designers have to be careful when designing the summer Eid collection because it should be comfortable first then rest matters.

Dress Designs Of Sobia Nazir Eid Collection

  • Fancy tops
  • Flare trousers in plain and designed forms
  • Patchwork on trousers
  • Net duppatas with colorful prints
  • Hand embroidery on every part of the dress
  • Short and long trousers
  • Tights and loose trousers
  • Modern cutting on tops

You will get these dresses around 8,000 rupees each dress may vary its price because of fabrics and material used on it.To make a collection fancier some elements are embellished on different areas of dress like shirts and dupattas and on trousers to some extent.

Sobia Nazir is giving a new style to a woman by launching Sobia Nazir Chiffon Festive Eid Collection your dressing and style will be changed and you will feel proud in these beautiful luxury dresses that will last long.Don’t think that these are only for Eid you can wear these later this year on any occasion.

So enjoy the image gallery and bring more colors to your life with Sobia Nazir Chiffon Festive Eid Collection which is now available at all leading retail stores across the country and available online also you can send your queries to Sobia Nazir from her Facebook page.

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