Sana Abbas Winter Formal Tunics Collection 2016-17

Sana Abbas Winter Formal collection was launched recently which contains simple but stylish tunics which can be worn on any special occasion of the fall season.

Sana Abbas have launched a perfect collection for this season which contains stylish tunics with flared trousers this collection is perfect because it is launched in winter when it’s not so cold.The Southern part of Pakistan is always hot during the cold season it is in mid weather conditions.

That’s why some brands will launch summer type of collections which can be worn during the winter season because of thick fabrics.These are the simple type of tunics which will suit young girls because of the colors and designs you can wear it on college parties or on some social gathering.

Sana Abbas Winter Formal Dresses sana-abbas-winter-formal-tunics-collection-2016-17-7

Formal dresses are of many types and during the winter season, you will be seeing them a lot because it is the season of parties and weddings.Every woman likes to buy the luxury type of dresses but there are some simple dresses that will give you elegant touch to your personality like these tunics and flared trousers.

Sana Abbas is famous for formal and luxury dresses but this collection is not much luxury it contains the luxury type of designs but there isn’t a luxury element involved.So you can wear these dresses in your casual routine also like while going on the job or somewhere else you like.

Dresses are in 2 pcs with fabrics that can be worn till spring season so you can wear them for the longer period and look great in new designs produced by Sana Abbas.Very sleek and elegant embroidered work have been done on both front and back sides of the shirts.sana-abbas-winter-formal-tunics-collection-2016-17-3

The off white color dress is perfect for wedding parties so Sana Abbas Winter Formal collection have the mix of everything from casual to formal and wedding party wear have a look at some of the designs from this image gallery.

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