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Saira Hassan Velvet Embroidered Winter Dresses 2016-17

Velvet Embroidered Winter Dresses are the best choice for cold days because of the heavy fabric you can protect your body from cold and feel comfortable without wearing extra layer clothing.

Saira Hassan’s latest collection have been launched by ZS textiles and it’s now available all over Pakistan you can buy this collection either from ZS Textiles or from Saira Hassan outlets.This collection is purely based on winter season because velvet is only worn during this time of the season.

This collection have beautiful embroidered designs on the different part of the dress color combinations are also light and some are sharp.These types of combinations are mostly seen in winter days because it is considered as the wedding season in Pakistan.

Velvet Embroidered Winter DressesSaira Hassan Velvet Embroidered Winter Dresses 2016-17

Every dress of this collection is different and will give you different look when you will wear it on different occasions of winter.Because the fabric is velvetĀ so designs will be more prominent, the designer hasn’t used extra embroidered work to make this collection sleek and stylish.

Luxury and Glamour are the two words to describe this collection if you live in western countries you have another type of dresses that are considered as luxury.But in Pakistani fashion, these traditional dresses of these types are considered as glamorous dresses.

Trousers of this collection are also different in every dress which includes tights,flappers, and flare trousers. The designer has used many different elements of luxury and formal clothing to make this collection best for you.saira-hassan-velvet-embroidered-winter-dresses-2016-17-2

As this is the ongoing wedding season which will be until spring you have now lots of options to wear different luxury designs because this collection has lots of versatility for you.Velvet Embroidered Winter Dresses can be bought online also from ZS Textiles E-Store search for it on the web.

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