Pret Summer Traditional Collection Shameel Ansari 2016

Pret Summer Traditional Collection is the first summer collection for this season by Shameel Ansari all the dresses are in modern stylish designs check all of them.

Pret Summer Traditional Collection is the western and eastern clothing fusion designed by the luxury dress designer Shameel Ansari.Just some days back he launched his Spring luxury collection which had same type of designs that you are going to see in this collection.

One of the very talented fashion designer who always try something different in the fashion field.Multi colored prints are mixed on the clothing with modern designs look these dresses are for modern women.

Who likes bold and modern form of dresses if you not feel comfortable in these dresses then you can customize these according to your style.These types of bold looks are for parties and events not on weddings because it is a traditional event and women like more traditional dress forms on that.

Pret Summer Traditional Collection Shameel Ansari 2016

Some girls will wear these on festive events too but festive events like Eid is also filled with more traditional dressing.So just parties and events are the places where you can wear these dresses in the summer season.Light weight fabrics are used with beautiful prints of summer of abstract art printing.

It is not necessary to wear the dress in a way that you are seeing in the images you can wear them according to your traditional look too.These looks are for modeling purposes we know Pakistani women don’t like wearing in these ways.

But dress forms are worth wearing summer will be time of heat in the heat wear some cool clothing to make your summer events more stylish.Now lots of spring and summer collections have been posted on you should check all of them through the search bar above.

Pret Summer Traditional Collection

Lets see Pret Summer Traditional Collection and look for the outfit you are looking for to make your summer more stylish.

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