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Patel Brothers Grand Luxurious Collection 2017

Patel Brothers Grand Luxurious Collection is based on floral patterns and luxury designs that will make your Eid dressing more special because of the traditional prints.

Patel Brothers is a small brand of woman clothing based on 3 piece embroidered dresses which are launched around the festive seasons and other events.

Their expertise is in lawn, viscose, chiffon and other seasonal fabrics which are used in Pakistani clothing and available widely all over.

For this Eid, Patel Brothers have launched a beautiful traditional collection which are based on classic shalwar kameez designs available in the market as Patel Brothers Grand Luxurious Collection.

Patel Brothers Grand Luxurious CollectionPatel Brothers Grand Luxurious Collection 2017

After a long time, we are seeing a classic shalwar kameez dresses with beautiful patterns because now some brands are into modern shalwar kameez designs which you can see in Anaya Eid Luxury Lawn and Liba Arham Modern Eid Lawn.

But this Patel Brothers Grand Luxurious Collection reminds of classic designs which brands use to launch a few years ago.Which is good for customers because they have now lots of varieties in the market and can choose their favorite dress.

Patel Brothers Grand Luxurious Collection is in lawn fabric which is comfortable and mostly worn in summer days.Recently some Eid collections launched in lawn got the attention because of the colors and prints you will get beautiful prints and colors in this Eid Collection also.

The designer team has included so many different designs that you can wear until the end of this year and next seasons also because of the quality of fabric dresses are will last long.Patel Brothers Grand Luxurious Collection 2017

Colors and embroidered prints are the main theme of this collection you will see in the images that each dress have detailed embroidery work which will suit any formal event that is coming in next months.

Patel Brothers Grand Luxurious Collection can be worn on wedding events too because some dresses have the class and colors that will make you special on any event.

Patel Brothers Grand Luxurious Collection 2017


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