Palwasha Fabrics Eid Dresses Evening Wear 2016

Palwasha Fabrics Eid Dresses are modern traditional dresses for the women of Pakistan check out all the designs from the gallery but first read complete details.

Palwasha fabrics may not be known to some of you but they have some decent stylish dresses coming up for the Eid event.Eid is celebrated throughout the world with great reverence it has unique fashion style in Pakistan all brands are launching their Eid collections now.

Some have launched fancy patterns and some have stick to the traditional way of clothing this collection is more about traditional designs and patterns.Different style of kameez designs are introduced in this collection some kameez lengths are longer and some are mid.

Palwasha Fabrics Eid Dresses Evening Wear 2016

These dresses are close to cultural Pakistani designs you will find embroidered patterns of cultural art that is signature style of Pakistani clothing.All brands are launching modern dress designs but Palwasha fabrics have launched more vintage type of cultural prints.

Dresses are available as 3 pcs forms keeping you close to cultural traditional fashion of Pakistan you can wear these dresses on day events and on nights too.Designers of Palwasha fabrics have used heavy embroidery work on some heavy fabrics.

These dresses are categorized as evening wear dresses but other evening dresses launched are more fancy then these one’s.But still its a nice collection to have in your wardrobe if you are looking to be dresses in completely traditional way.

Because of the evening wear dress types designers have used enhanced chic designs on high quality thread work golden thread work is famous because of its elegant look.These dresses are heavier then other fancy lawns launched recently so it will be hard to carry them when you have to go out in the morning.

Palwasha Fanrics Eid Dresses

But you can afford some weight when it comes to party wear and evening wear dress types check out all the designs of Palwasha Fabrics Eid Dresses from the following gallery and contact the brand directly on their Facebook page.

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