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Nishat Linen Spring-Summer Lawn Modern Dresses 2017

Spring-Summer Lawn Modern Dresses by Nishat Linen have been launched recently with lots of new designs in fresh colors that all you need this spring-summer season.

Nishat Linen brings new colors of youthful life for this spring-summer season with modern designs in lawn fabric for young girls.The lawn is the most worn fabric in Pakistan because of the summer lasting long in most areas of Pakistan but you have to keep in mind there will be two types of lawn.

Types of Nishat Linen Lawns

Every spring and summer season Nishat Linen brings two types of lawn one is a bit thicker that is worn during the spring season and early summer and another one is lighter and soft which is for the extreme heat season that mostly southern area of Pakistan is covered.Summer Lawn Modern Dresses

Winter is short in Pakistan that’s why some brands will launch only one or two collections for the cold season but summer is longer you will be seeing lots of new designs on different fabrics mostly will be lawn.

Nishat Linen is one of those brands that will launch so many collections during the winter season most of them are focused on the younger generation of women because they like to wear colorful dresses in modern designs.

This spring summer season is more about modern dresses that have some western touch with eastern printed work that’s why this collection is known as Nishat Linen Spring-Summer Lawn Modern Dresses.

Nishat Linen Spring-Summer Lawn Modern Dresses

A breath of fresh air is blowing everywhere if you visit near the fields then you can feel the freshness the smell of flowers and fresh atmosphere have been converted to designs and printed work by the Nishat Linen brand in their new collection.

This collection has many different types of dress designs that are suitable for the casual events but if you wear them with other fancy accessories you will look great in any event.

Mostly summer will not have many events there will be just some social gatherings which are a perfect match for these modern lawn dresses.But festive events are also coming this season there will be Eid ul Azha and Eid Ul Fitr during the core summer season for that you have to wait for some months because Nishat Linen Eid Collections are always eyed catchy.

Spring and summer time is the holiday time for college and school girls if you are planning a trip to visit some places during this season then you don’t have to worry about what you can wear that looks modern and is comfortable also because Nishat Linen latest modern lawn dresses have every type of design you need this season.

This is the first initial collection and the first impression always lasts as you can see from the pictures the quality of design is much better than their previous summer collections which were more based on 3 piece shalwar kameez dresses.

But this collection is more focused towards modern designs and trends that’s why you will see versatility in design and colors of this Nishat Linen Spring-Summer Lawn Modern Dresses collection.


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