Men Festive Kurta Shalwar Shahnameh Shalwar Kameez 2016-17

Men Festive Kurta Shalwar was launched for the Eid ul Azha by Shahnameh brand as Eid is now over so you can now wear this kurta shalwar on special occasions of the fall season.

Shahnameh brand launched heritage wear Eid shalwar kameez for men these dresses are based on classic plain designs of the traditional shalwar kameez of Pakistan.Shahnameh is one of the new brands that you might now hear before but you will love their work.

This pure classic traditional collection has everything for you from kurta shalwar to waistcoats and Peshawari chappals you will get everything in one collection.The color scheme is according to the season you will get blue,black,purple and white kurta shalwar.

Men Festive Kurta Shalwar men-festive-kurta-shalwar-shahnameh-shalwar-kameez-2016-17-2

Both shalwar and kurta are in one color there aren’t much waistcoat designs like other top brands but it’s a great effort to launch something classical where other brands are going towards modern dress designs.

Neckline area have some work which you usually see in kurta shalwar dresses.There are already top brands in Pakistan who are producing high-quality kurta shalwar for men and Shahnameh may not be one of them but overall their collection can match with brands like J. and Edenrobe kurta shalwar.

With these dresses, you will get Peshawari chappals if you would like you can wear other forms of traditional footwear available in the market and for the regular days, you can even wear black shoes with these

You may not find these dresses in every city but you have the options of ordering online anywhere in Pakistan just log onto Shahnameh official website and choose your favorite dress.The brand will be launching more collections in the coming season you just have to stick to for more future updates.

Let’s check Men Festive Kurta Shalwar from the following gallery and see what Shahnameh brand have designed for you.

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