Mausummery Magical Winter Casual Collection 2017

Magical Winter Casual Collection consists of ready to wear casual shalwar kameez for young girls that can be worn around day or night time during this cold season.

Winter is slowly ending still brands are launching collections by the name of winter because it’s still cold in some areas of Pakistan specially the northern side.But in some area’s it’ss the fresh breeze of the spring season so Mausumery brand has launched the shalwar kameez dresses that can be worn during cold nights and bright sunny days.

These dresses are in warmer fabrics that are lightweight also you can wear it around the spring days also for daytime like while going for office or in university.

Magical Winter Casual Collection

Dress types are all different especially the tops some are the bit more like kurtis and western tops that are usually worn on pants.Some are simple kameez’s that you can wear on shalwar, colors of spring are clearly visible as you can see in the images dresses are in light colors.

Some dresses can be worn on night events also as they are considered as party wears because the brand has included almost every type of dress that is necessary to wear around the winter/spring time.

Most of these dresses are shown in 2 pieces because these are bit more kurtis and kurta that can be worn with tights, high-quality jeans or flare pants that will be totally up to you but with each top, you get the matching lower part you can opt for different one also.

Mausummery dresses are famous for high-quality work in low price so every class of women can buy these dresses and be fashionable and stylish.

Mausummery brand has outlets in all big cities you can order online also just visit their facebook page or website and order online after seeing all the images of Magical Winter Casual Collection.

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