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Marina Fabric Embroidered Dresses By Lala Textiles 2015-16

Marina fabric embroidered dresses are the shalwar kameez dresses for the winter season this collection by Lala is for foggy and extreme cold days see colorful designs below.

Marina fabric is very warm that is used to make traditional dresses like shalwar kameez here we are showing you Lala textiles latest collection known as marina fabric embroidered dresses.The embroidered patterns and prints are the best to notice on the shirts that are designed for young women for special event wearing.

The three embroidered patterns are used on these winter dresses one is around the neckline area and then the bottom area of the shirts and at the end the border line all have different designs of embroidery.

Lala textiles marina dresses

All attire of this collection has artistically blended within the mixtures of quite a lot of mild and darkish colors like red, Black, Navy, White, Sky Blue, Maroon, coffee, Lemon, Orange, red and grey.This also has extra embellished with gentle embroideries on or across the neckline to make you more dependent and excellent in the gatherings of this winter season.

Lala Textiles Winter Collections 

All attire in this assortment has crafted in hanging patterns of floral, geometric and botanic prints, shawls of this collection has also crafted in fantastic matching patterns of shirts, while the trouser of this assortment are dyed in color.

Lala textiles Marina collection

It’s the specialty of Lala brand that they constantly introduce extra charming and lovely styles of dresses on their each collection.These collections are best for every young or working girls best suitable for young girls.

The designer have included 3 piece dresses with shawls as you know shawl is the extreme cold trend in Pakistan women takes shawl instead of duppata in these days.The designers have crafted this collection in hot and one of the best fabric around Marina.Check Marina Fabric Embroidered Dresses in pix gallery the price tag of these dresses is around 4,450 rupees.


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