Magnifique Summer Kurti Collection By Lala 2016

Magnifique Summer Kurti Collection is the product of Lala textiles just like all other collection this has been fabricated in lawn with beautiful prints and designs.

This season Lala textiles one of the oldest running textile industry in Pakistan have launched so many collections for one season we have shared some of their work before.They have launched both 3 pcs and 2 pcs dresses in kurti and shalwar kameez forms.

They have used lawn in all summer collections with some pieces in other fabrics that are related to summer season and makes you comfortable during the heat days.This Magnique collection is about kurtis of different designs you will see long shirts with toe up tights and trousers.

Magnifique summer kurti collection

Designers of lala have crafted this collection in beautiful art prints that are seen around bottom area and necklines of the shirts.These prints are done on both front/back sides which will make you classy in traditional style during the parties or other events.

These kurtis are for special occasions because of long length shirt design as you already know long length dresses are for special occasion these are South Asian floor length dress forms.On the images of these kurtis you will find more details of these and care instructions are also mentioned by Lala.

Magnifique Summer Kurti Collection

Lala textiles design their dresses for common and high class their dresses are in shalwar kameez forms both modern and classic and are available at very low price tags.Just some days back we have shown their 3 pcs shalwar kameez dress designs and now its time for the kurtis.

Kurtis is considered as the casual wearing dress but because of the long length forms we are considering it as a formal and special occasion dress.You can find many different patterns that you are looking for in Magnifique Summer Kurti Collection from the image gallery.

Single kurti of this collection is available at very suitable price tag of just 1,390 rupees so see all of the designs that were launched and go now to shop either online or stores to buy them and make your style more fashionable in traditional manner.

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