LSM Intimate Kurtis Collection Season End Dresses 2016-17

LSM Intimate Kurtis Collection is one of the most stylish collections in the kurti category launched by the brand for this season you can wear these kurtis anywhere you like.

LSM is one of the biggest industry in Pakistan each season they launch many different designs of dresses for the women of Pakistan.Their seasonal collection is launched into many parts from 2 pcs to 3 pcs category at the end of this season LSM have launched a different type of kurti collection.

This collection is launched just before the fall season so it will include some thick fabrics so you can wear it in the coming season.These kurtis are very different like you normally see from other brands because other brands launch kurtis more for casual occasions but LSM have launched it for formal wearing.

LSM Intimate Kurtis Collectionlsm-intimate-kurtis-collection-season-end-dresses-2016-17-6

Every kurti is different in terms of designs and patterns you can wear these on special occasions like weddings or some social gatherings.Colors of these kurtis are according to the season and trend these types of colors are more worn these days.

This collection was launched basically for the Eid but that does not mean you can’t wear it on the coming events that are why fabrics are mixed so you can wear it on hot and cold days.Mostly sleeveless shirts are available but there are full sleeves too just in case you are going out on a windy cold day.

Can be part of your college dressing just keep it to normal if you are wearing for job or college but if you are wearing it for night events add more fancy accessories like jewelry and other fashion items.When choosing footwear always go for heels or sandals that are in matching the color with your dress.

LSM Intimate Kurtis Collection is available online at this link stocks are limited get your favorite one first and see all the designs from the gallery below.

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