Low Saturated Fat Foods To Eat For Good Health

Low saturated fat foods are good for health it will keep you healthy and active read which food types are in this category and what you should be eating and avoiding.

With each passing day because the demand of more work, university/school/college and different external pastime increases, it’s practically impossible to remain healthy by just eating the food we eat daily. Unfortunately, due to the dietary content of processed foods or ready made dinner foods this usually approach higher amounts of saturated fat.

Saturated fat have the potential to speed up blood cholesterol, which can lead to a number of well being risks, which entails coronary heart ailment, coronary heart attack and stroke. As a consequence, it is vital to include low-saturated-fat foods into your daily eating time table without eating saturated fat food.

See list of 9 of the best low saturated fat foods that you can eat 

1.Use Of cinnamon & honey

low saturated fat foods

These both have 0 saturated fats inside them every person should consume these two natural products on daily basis as they will help you not to have any heart problem.These both are best for anti bacterial solutions.These can heal many throat problems also you can take honey with green tea to smooth your throat itchy.Must use these in winter with other different types of products like milk or tea.

2.Eating Figs 

Figs low saturated fat food

It helps the body in lot of different ways because its rich in fibre the high fibre diet will be low in saturated fat.Eating this daily will help you to stay healthy and not to get any type of heart problems.

3.Cut Meats 

low saturated fat food

Meat products are high in saturated fats when ever you buy meat products from the market see how much fat it contains avoid high fat foods look for the lean cut meats avoid processed meat as it will have saturated fat.

4.Eating Hazelnuts  

hazelnuts low saturated food

These contain very low saturated fats they are very rich in vitamin E  it will help in oxidized polyunsaturated fats.It will help to lower the cholesterol level because it have high contents of oleic acid, a mono-unsaturated fatty acid.


chickpeas health benefits

These are rich in folate and manganese they contain very low saturated fats and and level of cholesterol and sodium is very low these can be very healthy for you if you eat some of them daily.


walnuts benefits

It has antioxidant which is very useful for cancer patients and if you want to save yourself from cancer type diseases then eat walnuts.They will also lower your bad cholesterol formation in your body.

7.Use of Grains

grains food benefits

The grain food items are bread, cereal, pasta, rice and beans you can have these in your food along with other food items.These all are low in saturated fat most of these are daily food items of South Asian countries like India,Pakistan and Bangladesh.You can eat them with or without baking eating them in raw form have different benefits and eating after baking with other food will have different impacts.

8.Dairy Products 

dairy products benefits

These products are very low in saturated fats some milk and cheese have saturated fat you should avoid them.When ever buying dairy products you can ask for how much fat it has always buy the low fat products.Yogurt have very low saturated fat you can take a bowl of yogurt daily with your breakfast.

9.Fruits & Vegetables  

fruits&vegetables benefits

All fruits and vegetables have low saturated fat these are full of nutrients,antioxidants and fiber.Whether these are canned or frozen these will remain in low saturated fat but you should always eat fresh fruit instead on canned.Vegetables should not be cooked in excessive butter or sauce.

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These are the 9 low saturated fat foods that you must eat daily if you can’t eat daily then at least make a routine to eat after one or two days.But fruits and dairy products are the types of products that you can eat daily while sitting or laying on bed.