Linen Embroidered Winter Collection By Ittehad 2015-16

Linen embroidered winter collection have shalwar kameez dress designs for the cold season with beautiful embroidered prints on shirts see the gallery for images.

House of Ittehad which is basically Ittehad Textiles have launched so many collections for the winter season.Casual formal every type of traditional shalwar kameez dresses were launched recently.

Some of them I’ll be showing you which have beautiful embroidered prints on shirts.In the images below you will see three different dresses in one image just to cover different dresses in short time.

winter formal shalwar kameez

These can be wear in home,while going to college or university if you are a young girl & in office while working.All the dresses are in 3 piece categroy which means you will be getting embroidered kameez with dyed trouser or shalwar and a matching duppata.The sleeves also have different types of designs that are matched with the designs presented in the shirt.

These types of dresses are suitable for any occasion in this fall festive season.Charming prints and difficult embroidery to make this assortment ultimate for winter. This collection involves three piece linen, and Khaddar clothes advanced into modern day but charming designs.

3 piece shalwar kameez

The linen dresses also garnished with subtle colorations, today’s designs and chic tailoring will make you fashionable and fashionable in iciness. Top class exceptional fabrics have made the dresses extra lavish and modern-day.

The condominium Of Ittehad dresses are teamed up embroidered and printed shirts, trousers and dupattas with some fancy stuff like laces, buttons and patches. These dresses has been designed with attractive stitching patterns in an effort to capture your attention in a primary glance.

These Linen winter attire are best for wedding parties and iciness night operate.  Condo Of Ittehad is a satisfactory blend of embroidery and prints that creativity combo with present day but common crafts.Check the images of linen embroidered winter collection and be inspired from these winter dresses by Ittehad Textiles.

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