Khaddar Fabric Embroidered Winter Collection By Zeen 2015-16

Khaddar fabric embroidered winter collection are the formal and casual wearing shalwar kameez dresses by Zeen brand for the young girls see the images to look at the new dresses.

Khaddar fabric is mostly used in winter season by many brands to design shalwar kameez and kurti dresses for the winter season.Zeen have launched winter collections for this season with every fabric that is used in the winter.In this you will be seeing Khaddar Fabric Embroidered Winter Collection that are made from pure khaddar fabric.

The embroidered work on them have different designs every shirt in this collection have different border embroidered work.These dresses are available at very cheap rates you can get these dresses from nearest stores and online at minimum price of 3,000 rupees.

Khaddar Fabric Embroidered Winter Collection By Zeen 2015-16

The shirts you will see in this collection are basically kurti’s that you can pair with jeans or tights also.These dresses are shown with trousers but you can wear shalwar’s with these shirts also.The collection comes in 3 piece forms with beautiful traditional embroidery designs.

The duppta is designed and matched with the shirts print as you can see in the images matching colors and designs are giving them elegant looks.Cheerful and satisfactory colours combinations of Royal Blue, Maroon, Orange, Sea green, coffee, White, Black, Lemon, Blue and Zinc has used to craft this khaadar shalwar suits.

Zeen brand dresses for this winter season are crafted in the warm winter fabric of Khaddar, at this time, Zeen has introduced their 3-pieces unstitched shalwar kameez dresses on this collection.

You’ll get a printed shirt, dupatta and dyed trouser you can customize these later according to your choices.Zeen has brought a style of traditional embroidery designs in Khaddar Fabric Embroidered Winter Collection.

This assortment has crafted with the fabulous and artistic patterns of floral, packing containers, doted and abstract prints, these dresses has extra embellished with hanging laces and gem stones on the entrance facet of these shirts.

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