Khaadi Lawn Colorful Geometrics Collection 2016

Khaadi Lawn Colorful Geometrics Collection is another beautiful embroidered 3 piece unstiched shalwar kameez collection for women that can be worn casually or in daily routine.

Khaadi is on fire because they have launched so many vibrant embroidered prints that can be worn casually or formally we have reviewed volume 1 of this collection in Khaadi Lawn Geometric Fusion.We have also reviewed complete summer catalog in Khaadi Lawn vol-2 complete summer catalog.

This collection was launched after our volume 2 review that’s why we are doing separate presentation of this embroidered lawn shalwar kameez. Dresses are in 3 pcs types but in unstitched forms geomatric art prints will be seen all over the dress but more visible on front side.

Khaadi Lawn Colorful Geometrics Collection

Some are printed from back also including duppata but duppatas of this collection are with different types of prints other then the shirt.Category of prints are same but designs are different on both clothing piece trousers are mostly dyed most brands follow this pattern.

This season all top brands have followed a specific brand that is to launch so many summer lawn collections followed up with their volume two.Its still long summer so may be volume 3 will be launched in coming months for that we have to wait and see what brands do further.

As fashion marketing and designing is changing day by day you can expect new things in the Pakistani fashion industry brands are also increasing as so customers.Online shopping craze among people is also increasing that’s why collections can be easily bought from brand’s store or from other online shopping stores.

Khaadi Lawn Colorful Geometrics Collection

Khaadi is most widely worn as casual/formal dress type in country and Pakistani living abroad if you have not seen their collections before then search for Khaadi on our website you will see plenty of designs from them that are launched for every occasion.

So lets see Khaadi Lawn Colorful Geometrics Collection from the images and look what you can wear casually as a colorful dress.Wear these while going out take handbags and wear heels to have the classy traditional look in modern style you can get some ideas from the images also.