Khaadi Handbags Khas Collection Summer 2016

Khaadi Handbags are available in same type of prints that you have seen on their clothing these are very trendy and can be used to carry lot of useful things.

Khaadi is one of the leading clothing manufacturer brand in the country they have launched variety of different printed and embroidered lawn this year.They have been launching some other fashion accessories related to women from some years now including handbags shoes etc.

They have established their home accessories brand also in which you can get bed sheets table covers and many more home related things just visit their website.Our post is about the handbags these are not just handbags these are available in same beautiful patterns like their dresses.

Khaadi Handbags Khas Collection

Khaadi is famous for their embroidered work and you can find those types of prints and designs on handbags also these are launched at the perfect time when everyone is busy buying lawn dresses.Also Eid is near you can carry these bags on Eid days while visiting some one.

This collection have different sizes of handbags including clutches all of them are available with beautiful prints that can be matched easily with your summer lawn shalwar kameez. Handbags style included are chain bags,shoulder strap bags for college girls and handle bags.

All are available in different colors and designs that will make you feel amazed after you carry them with your summer shalwar kameez dress.Most of these are handcrafted carefully to remain its traditional state and art work that is famous in Pakistan.

Khaadi Handbags Khas Collection

Prices of these will vary condition and material wise those which are with chains and elegant designs will cost you much then others.Those which are handcrafted and made from thin materials just to carry your things casually are in economical prices.

If you are thinking what dresses might be matched with these handbags while going out then see the Khaadi Lawn Vol-2 Complete Summer Catalog all dresses will be suitable with these Khaadi Handbags Khas Collectin check out the designs below and find your favorite combination.

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