Ittehad Izabel Eid Ul Azha Collection 2017

Ittehad Izabel Eid Ul Azha Collection is a mix of modern and traditional patterns with luxury designs to make your Eid dressing more special and stylish.

Ittehad textiles have launched their latest Eid Ul Azha collection known as Izabel having eastern and western luxury dresses to make the woman feel special this festive season.

Ittehad is one of the biggest textile industries as well brand in Pakistan their clothing related material are sold all over the world and dresses are famous among Pakistanis living abroad too.

Ittehad always brings special designs for special occasions and as now because of Eid they have launched special designs and dress cuttings which they haven’t launched on Eid Ul Fitr.

Ittehad Izabel Eid Ul Azha Collection

Ittehad Izabel Eid Ul Azha Collection 2017

This collection is rich in colors and designs floral pattern work around the sleeves on net and around other areas of shirts is looking special and will take your traditional style to the next level.

Ittehad Izabel Eid Ul Azha Collection has lively and bold colors which are usually worn in these months as summer is ending and we are into Autumn and fall so prints and colors will be fresh like you see in the spring season.

Soft prints, sleek cuts, and the lace panels will make you comfortable because of the design which is different from Ittehad other collections.

Ittehad had always quality in mind that’s why their dresses are always in high-quality fabrics and all of their collections are available in economical price tags.

Izabel is a unique name which can be of any girl it is a modern name that’s why you see dress designs in modern patterns.Ittehad Izabel Eid Ul Azha Collection 2017

Some of the other modern collections you should check are Elan Luxury Cheri Eid Ul Azha Collection and Anus Abrar Eid Ul Azha Collection which can be expensive then Ittehad Izabel Eid Ul Azha Collection but have more luxury patterns if you are looking for wedding parties dresses.

There is a tradition of having wedding ceremonies after the Eid events so the possibility of attending the wedding for most of you are high just after the Eid.You can see all the designs of Ittehad Izabel Eid Ul Azha Collection below and find the perfect dress according to your style.

Ittehad Izabel Eid Ul Azha Collection 2017

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