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Gul Ahmed Silk Lawn Shalwar Kameez Dresses 2017

Gul Ahmed Silk Lawn is a combination of silk and lawn fabrics shalwar kameez dresses for the women that can be worn casually and formally so let’s have a look at the collection.

Gul Ahmed is the biggest brand of women shalwar kameez clothing in Pakistan their collections are ranging from casual to formal and semi-formal dresses in the shalwar kameez category in both 2 pcs and 3 pcs forms.

Gul Ahmed has collections for all seasons and during one season you will be seeing lot’s of Gul Ahmed dresses divided into volumes and categories.

For summer they always have something special that is different from other brand’s their collections have so many dresses so there will be something of your choice.This summer they have started with silk lawn collection by combining these two fabrics Gul Ahmed aims to bring you comfort with style.

Gul Ahmed Silk LawnGul Ahmed Silk Lawn Shalwar Kameez Dresses 2017

Lawn fabric will provide comfort and easy feeling during this killing heat season we all know temperature have reached around 46 degrees which is not easy to bare.You need soft fabrics that can help you to kill the summer heat and lawn is the most widely chosen fabric that is worn during the heat days.

With lawn brands use different types of other soft fabrics in duppata or trouser to have a different collection they use swiss voile and silk in this collection you will get silk duppatas with lawn pieces in other parts of clothing.

Which is a perfect combo for the summer later this month Gul Ahmed will be launching complete lawn collection.Silk duppata does not make a difference it is used just to have different print and quality otherwise it is same soft as lawn fabric.

This collection is for casual and formal occasions which means you can wear these dresses anywhere you like if you are wearing it in your daily routine then wear as it is you don’t need extra fancy accessories but if you are going to wear it somewhere special then consider some fancy items.Gul Ahmed Silk Lawn Shalwar Kameez Dresses 2017

With Gul Ahmed Silk Lawn collection the brand have introduced same type of patterns and prints that they are famous about and are in demand during the summer season.So let’s have a look at some of the designs launched in this beautiful collection.

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