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Gul Ahmed Luxury Eid Festive Collection 2016

Gul Ahmed Luxury Eid Festive Collection is extremely sensuous,glamorous and luxury modern dresses collection that you can’t take your eyes off check all the designs.

Gul Ahmed is one of the leading and most selling brand in the traditional clothing line they have launched dresses for every season and occasion.This season they have filled the market with their summer lawns we have covered all of them in our review posts you can see Gul Ahmed Lawn Suits 3 Pcs Collection to see the latest lawn which was launched for casual and formal wearing.

Now its time for Eid fashion almost all top brands have showcased their best work for the Eid Gul Ahmed is also doing the same by presenting their best work for the festive occasion Eid.Gul Ahmed Luxury Eid Festive Collection have special luxury and glamorous traditional dress designs.

Gul Ahmed Eid Festive Dresses

It has light and neutral shades which will enhance your personality more as a stylish women around the Eid days this collection is launching before the Ramadan so you can wear them on Ramdan Aftaar parties and events.All cultural and festive events demands specific type of dressing and every women loves to wear traditional clothing on festive occasions to show their love for the culture and heritage of the country.

Summer is all about light and breezy fabrics bright and light colors with different type of embroidered and printed art work.These dresses are contemporary modern cutting designs that will make you ultra chic during the Eid events and on Ramdan night dinner parties.

Gul Ahmed Luxury Eid Festive Collection have more then 65 unique dress patterns to make you comfortable,stylish and elegant throughout the summer festive occasions. Gul Ahmed have combined cultural elements and demand for the dresses in this one particular festive collections.

Gul Ahmed Eid Festive Dresses

You will see chiffon fabric and lawn in some with some jeweled work of golden thread all over the dresses length of the shirts is not much longer as you expect longer shirts for formal dresses but Gul Ahmed have produced normal length shirts with detailed thread work.

Trousers are around the knee area these are same types of trousers that were launched in their previous collections of summer lawns.Their trendy designs and fabric quality are the positive points of their brand that’s why every season they are on the top from all other brands.

Gul Ahmed Luxury Eid Festive Collection is something that should be in your wardrobe because it has those elements and style that will require you to be worn on Eid days so lets check the complete Eid collection from the following gallery.

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