Gul Ahmed Ideas Eid Ul Azha Autumn Collection 2017

Gul Ahmed Ideas Eid Ul Azha Collection is based on modern traditional pret designs that will make you stand out on the Eid days and night events.

Ideas is a ready made clothing sub brand of Gul Ahmed usually through Ideas Gul Ahmed launches kurtis and modern dresses that are in western designs.

But because of Eid Ul Azha Gul Ahmed is launching traditional modern patterns under the banner of Ideas.Gul Ahmed is one of the first brands to launch Eid Ul Azha collection because there is still some time left for the event and no other brand have launched a collection yet.

Gul Ahmed Ideas Eid Ul Azha Autumn CollectionGul Ahmed Ideas Eid Ul Azha Autumn Collection 2017

It’s still summer going but Eid will be in Autumn that’s why it’s an Autumn collection it’s an early launch this is the first time Gul Ahmed have applied this strategy that’s why it’s not launched under the main brand because those dresses will be of some other quality but that doesn’t mean that Ideas dresses lacks quality.

Gul Ahmed is a household name in Pakistan they have collections ranging from casual to semi-formal and formal designs and they are one of the leading brands in Pakistan who is launching so many collections in a season.

Features of Gul Ahmed Ideas Eid Ul Azha Autumn Collection

  • Modern designs
  • Colorful patterns
  • Cotton silk front and sleeves
  • Chiffon dupatta
  • Embroidered lace
  • Exotic designs
  • Luxury prints

These designs will make you feel comfortable in the rainy humid days and will make your personality look more attractive because of the dress designs.

Gul Ahmed designs are always special because of the brand quality they spent a lot of time in designing and manufacturing of dresses.

Previously Gul Ahmed has launched Gul Ahmed Luxury Eid Shalwar Kameez for Eid Ul Fitr but now the weather is changing so different designs and fabrics will be seen.

So enjoy the Gul Ahmed Ideas Eid Ul Azha Autumn Collection from the below images and find the perfect dress of your choice.

Gul Ahmed Ideas Eid Ul Azha Autumn Collection 2017

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