Formal Wear Long Party Wear Collection Nakkashi 2016

Formal Wear Long Party Wear Collection is designed by Nakkashi you may not have heard of this brand before but now you will just read the details and look at all the dresses shown in the pix gallery.

Nakkashi designer brand presented their winter formal wear dresses in the form of Formal Wear Long Party Wear Collection which you will see in HD images.Nakkashi is an Indian brand which means to make something in beautiful way as you will see in dresses the printed and embroidery work is done beautifully.

This is the traditional Indian brand like Brides Galleria and Saheli Couture you will see formal wear dresses in long lengths.The frocks and fancy kameez type dresses in Formal Wear Long Party Wear Collection are all in long length forms.

In Pakistani and Indian fashion market the formal wear dress is always in long length forms.As in western world too you will see long length gowns their.Indian and Pakistani fashion are almost same so you can buy these designs for Pakistani weddings and events too.

You will see each dress is designed differently the colors and jeweled work on some of the dresses is making it more attractive and elegant for young girls to try.The colors you will see are golden,lemon,dark brown,black,blue,tea pink,gray all the dresses are made using combination of these colors.

Pink party wear frock

The golden and black dresses are for special events you can wear these dresses like office or wedding reception ceremonies.The pink one is for bridal event wear when the new bride has to attend a family event you can opt for that dress.

The one with the blue top can be worn on any event all of these dresses are for winter and spring parties.Because temperature is much lower in winter that’s why women loves to wear these types of dresses in India and Pakistan as you are seeing in Formal Wear Long Party Wear Collection.To buy these dresses log on to Nakkashi designers website and contact them now look at all the dresses in the following gallery.

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