Evening Wear Spring Summer Muse Collection 2016

Evening Wear Spring Summer outfits are by Muse brand these are mixtures of traditional and western fashion check out all the designs shown in the image gallery.

Evening wear dressing trend started from the western countries most of the designers their launch their collections by the name of evening wear’s.One example we have got on fashionvilas.com for you is the Evening Wear Haut Couture By Zuhair Murad from past week we have started to share some of the traditional evening wear dresses.

Like Mariyam Rizwan Evening wear collection and Misha Lakhani Evening Wear these two are by one of the top designers of Pakistan.Now we have got evening wear spring summer outfits for you these are by Muse brand.

We have not shared Muse’s any of the collections before so this is the first time we are showcasing this brand.With their new collection for spring/summer they are competing one of the top brands of Pakistan now with beautiful colors and prints used.

Evening Wear Spring Summer Muse Collection 2016

If you look closely to the images it is basically kurti tights dress but it has golden color upper shirt which is giving it elegant luxury look.With metal mesh belt holding it and giving some new stylish look to a traditional dress this evening wear spring summer collection are unique in terms of design.

Light thin fabric is used to maintain the trend and easiness of the spring and summer season.The gold color belt is the new accessory type that is being used on the traditional dress other wise this type of accessory is used on gown dresses like we have mentioned at the start.

Evening wear spring summer collection

With this you can wear high heel and some gold jewelry to match the exact combination with golden upper shirt and golden belt.The kurti inside is in embroidered form you can wear it without the upper part too if you are not going to special event.Wear it on weddings or on parties these evening wear spring summer outfits are best for all occasions.