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Ethnic Outfitters 14 August Collection 2016-17

Ethnic Outfitters 14 August Collection is for this Independence day of Pakistan this collection have different kurtis with Pakistani cultural and flag patterns.

Autumn will be the season of kurtis just like spring and first start of autumn is with the Independence day of Pakistan almost every top brand have launched their Independence day dresses which consists of kurtis mostly single kurtis but some will be with trousers.

Ethnic is the traditional brand of Outfitters which is famous for western style fashion in Pakistan having collections for both men and women.But Ethnic is mainly focused towards traditional fashion of Pakistan they have collections for every event whether its festive or event like Independence day.

Ethnic Outfitters 14 August Collection

14 August is the Independence day of Pakistan and it is celebrated like a proper event specially among the kids who like to paint their cheeks with Pakistani flag and monuments.Same type of designs and patterns can be seen on these kurtis which are for younger girls.

You won’t be able to see much designs which were launched in the collection because most of these are not shown on the web but will be available on the stores and on brand’s website.You can show up your Azaadi spirit with these beautiful dresses that are available for you in stores now.

Ethnic have launched different types of dresses this time in their previous collection they have showed different types of beautiful patterns but for this collection which is for the Independence day have plain designs mostly with some flag patterns that is looking attractive.

All other brands have launched simple type of designs but Ethnic have launched their kurtis in their own way which had their signature designs combining all the traditional designs you need.Ethnic Outfitters 14 August Collection is available on the Outfitters website you can see the designs below and shop online from brand’s website.

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