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Empreus Luxury Winter Collection By Maryam 2018

Empreus Luxury Winter Collection is for formal events designed by one of the new talented designers that are going to make her mark in the market for her special designs.

Empreus is the new brand that is launching their first collection for the winter and that to a formal collection designed in vintage modern designs of shalwar kameez dresses Pakistani dress designs.

This latest collection will steal the show because of the designs and color combinations which will make you feel special on the special occasions of the winter events.

Empreus Luxury Winter Collection

Empreus Luxury Winter Collection By Maryam 2018

Winter, as we all know, is considered as the event season where most events in Pakistan will happen including wedding, college, and social gatherings.

In last few weeks, many different types of winter collections have been launched and most of them have modern design dresses.Empreus Luxury Winter Collection is also in modern patterns and designs which will attract young and teen girls because that is the age range where most females are experimenting with their clothes trying different types of dresses.

Maryam has put her creativity and a lot of effort to make this collection successful as this is her first collection so chances are people might not take her designs serious for buying.But we suggest everyone to at least try the designs because these dresses will not cost you much you can buy any dress of Empreus Luxury Winter Collection in a range of 5-6 thousand rupees which is economical if you are buying a formal dress.

Formal dresses in Pakistan ranges to 8-18 thousands to more than lakhs depending on the quality of fabric and the amount of work have been done on the dress like embroidery.

Embroidery work has been done on Empreus Luxury Winter Collection too but its rather light and kept to a minimum to show the other areas of the dress.

Color combination is usually light and dark mix it’s not like a usual winter collection with a lot of dark shades, in fact, it has all the colors including lighter ones which can be worn till the spring season.

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So let’s check the Empreus Luxury Winter Collection designs by looking at the images below you can shop online on Empreus online store if you are unable to find the collections in stores.

Empreus Luxury Winter Collection By Maryam 2018


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