Embroidered Pret Zara Shah Jahan Collection 2016

Embroidered Pret Zara Shah Jahan Collection are the tunics/kurtis that women can wear in the spring season with jeans/tights all the kurtis are in printed and plain designs take a look at all of them.

Zara Shah Jahan is the formal wear designer of Pakistan but she also have casual collections too most of her designs are best on luxury work.The embroidered and printed patterns are luxury in designs that women can wear on special occasions.

This Embroidered Pret Zara Shah Jahan Collection have formal and casual tunics some are complete dresses that women can wear in spring season events or in casual routine.There is something for everyone in this Embroidered Pret Zara Shah Jahan Collection.

Spring casual kurti by Zara Shah Jahan

After launching some of the bridal and formal wear dresses for the winter season now Zara Shah Jahan is focusing on the spring season clothing line.You will find 2 piece type outfits in this Embroidered Pret Zara Shah Jahan Collection.

The embroidered patterns are all over and back side of the kurti you will find floral embroidery,some art printed work on kurti and other type of designs on kurtis of this collection.There is one angrakha style kurti too that you must not have seen before all the outfits are different from each other.

Spring formal dress by Zara Shah Jahan

At fashionvilas.com we have shared lots of different kinds of collections that were launched for different types of seasons and occasions.This Embroidered Pret Zara Shah Jahan Collection can be worn on any type of your favorite special events that depend on the outfit too.

There is wedding event party wear outfit too in this collection and there is spring outer wear casual kurti dress too.Zara Shah Jahan have tried to attract customers for every occasion wearing type so every one can find what they are looking for to wear in spring season.Check the pix gallery below and look at the work of Zara Shah Jahan.

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