Elan Vital Collection Casual-Semi-Formal Dresses 2017-18

Elan Vital Collection Casual-Semi-Formal Dresses are for this mid-season when slowly we are entering into the winter and need to find the perfect fabric for this season.

It’s a mixed season night are colder and days are hotter like summer and some parts of Pakistan are already enjoying the winter season.That’s why brands are combining different fabrics thicker and thinner to design the perfect collection for this season.

Today our post is about Elan Vital Collection which has casual and semi-formal dresses for the woman.Elan is considered as one of the top Pakistani luxury brands and whenever it comes to word luxury you will see expensive dresses and Elan is known to have expensive dresses.

It may be expensive for some but because they have much superior quality work than any other brand that’s why their prices are always higher.

Elan Vital Collection Casual-Semi-Formal Dresses

Elan Vital Collection Casual-Semi-Formal Dresses 2017-18

Besides known for luxury and formal collections they have launched a semi-formal-casual collection just for those lazy days when you are finding to something wear and look different.

These may not be considered as modern dresses but if you notice closely at the images designers have used vintage and everyday designs of shalwars kameez dresses into completely different new designs which can be worn casually or anywhere you like.

Colors and patterns are according to the season you will love to wear dresses of Elan Vital Collection anywhere during this time of the year and in the coming spring season too.

This is the first time Elan is launching casual ready to wear clothing line before that they were only concentrating on formal and bridal designs.

Luxury Cheri and Etoile are the previous collections which were launched by Elan couple of months back.This year Elan is regularly launching collections whenever a new season is starting.

Their bridal collection is due and so does the complete winter cold collection which will be launched in the coming month or 15 days time till then enjoy the Elan Vital Collection by browsing through the following image gallery.

Elan Vital Collection Casual-Semi-Formal Dresses 2017-18

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